Geotechnical Reports

A Geotechnical Report is sometimes referred to as Site Classification Report, Site Investigation Report or Soil Test Report.

A geotechnical site investigation is normally conducted to study the general soil conditions at a particular site. Information gathered from the site investigation is analysed by our Geotechnical Engineers to provide recommendations on suitable footing systems by engineering principles, soil bearing capacities for foundation design, and to provide Site Classification in accordance with Australian Standard AS 2870-2011.

  • Depending on the requirements of your project, our reports can include the following assessments:
  • Our Geotechnical Engineers conduct a detailed review of a project to understand its objectives and requirements. We customise our reports to meet your project specific needs and provide high quality and objective-focused reports.

    Epoch reports communicate our findings and recommendations in a concise format and by using an easy-to-follow structure.


    Recent projects

    Building on Sloping Sites

    One of our clients recently built a unique residential development in a challenging site near Bondi, Sydney. We were engaged by our client to assess the ground conditions and slope stability of the site to provide effective, safe and economical foundation and retention options and provide geotechnical recommendations for the project.

    Our engineers conducted a site walkover, geotechnical site investigations and a slope stability assessment for the project. We presented our findings in a complete, project-specific geotechnical report that was used by our client throughout the construction of the project.

    Use the link below to learn more about geotechnical site assessments.