Ground Improvement

In some sites the foundation material or soils are weak and do not have the required capacity to carry the loads of a proposed structure. Such sites can be treated onsite to achieve the required load bearing capacity or to reduce their potential for large settlements when the loads are applied.

Epoch geotechnical experts can assess each site and provide cost effective and practical techniques to treat weak and loose soils.

Ground improvement can be classified into four different categories:

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  • In mechanical modification soil density is improved or increased by the help of mechanical force. Surface and deep compaction methods are commonly used exmaples of this this technique.

    In hydraulic modification the free pore water is extracted from the ground. In granullar soils this is acheived by pumping the water out of the ground from wells. In fine grained soils, the soil is preloaded with or without drains.

    This technique requires mixing of additives, soils, lime, cement, etc, to stabilise the soil.

    This technique improves the tensile strength and capacity of the soil by utilising fibres, meshes, strip bars, or by confining soil in fibric elements.